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Are you disappointed with your diet and exercise results and thought to yourself that you should be seeing more dramatic results?!…

Or maybe you’re just scared about your health as you age…

Listen: This story is what you’ve been needing to hear…

It turns out the most important key for eliminating belly fat, building lean muscle and preventing certain dangerous diseases from taking over your body isn’t diet OR exercise.

The answer to solving your problems, which I am about to share with you, lies deep within the blueprint of your cells…

The increased risk of dangerous health problems and accumulation of excess belly fat continues to rise… and obesity is at an all time high.

Yet hundreds of millions of people struggle to lose belly fat and keep it off because the REAL cause is NOT being addressed.

I have felt that deep sense of desperation that can lead to irrational thinking…

It came to the point where I would have tried almost anything to burn off the extra pounds that kept accumulating on my chest, arms and belly.

In a moment I will reveal a simple solution so you can unlock the most important power in your body for burning fat, keeping lean muscle and fighting particular diseases.

But Before I Do There’s Something I Need to Share With You…

If someone who was as broken and struggling as much as I was can be fixed… then anyone can!

But if you ignore the most important factor… Your diet and exercise plan WILL fail you…

The Doctors who have intentionally left the the most important issue unaddressed have publicly stated that it is the most critical health crisis of this century.

You see, after 25 years of service in the trenches and on the streets I’ve seen the horrors of humanity up close and personal.

But what’s that got to do with you?

Everything!… Let me explain…

As a Firefighter in a remote community witnessing the most gut wrenching and gruesome car accidents I have ever seen.

To my service in the Canadian Military as part of a Special Service Force.

And as a Police Officer for 17 years where I finished as a SWAT Team Leader.

I believed in living a life of duty and honour.

But it isn’t always ticker tape parades.

Front Line work is conducted in the underbelly in every single one of our communities…

You see people fighting and the devastation of drug addiction.

You witness the cold harsh reality of families torn apart by domestic violence and cowardly acts of random brutality…

Yet she was vibrant and alive just hours before excited about going to a concert with friends…

The next moment… the harsh reality they will never hear her laugh, see her smile or feel her warm embrace again…

Or having to attend a murder scene where the life of an innocent little baby girl had been brutally taken.

Nobody prepares you for the confusion of feeling helpless and the deep internal rage over what has happened…

You don’t learn to accept that.. ever.

It tears your heart apart…

These scenes linger in your mind like an unwanted intruder who never leaves.

The pungent odours of death, the chaotic visuals of lives ripped apart, the screams of pain and loss… they stick with you.

You take the emotional pain of delivering horrible news and attending unthinkable crime scenes and you bury it.

You push it so deep that there is no chance of unexpectedly reliving that horrible experience at some unforeseen moment.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

I have seen it all… the good… the bad… and the downright shocking…

And I was supposed to try and stay healthy… although my body really didn’t function or appear like it was the picture of health

I thought I was doing everything right by exercising regularly and eating right…

But my body wasn’t burning the excess fat…

I remember feeling bewildered… I thought to myself “losing fat shouldn’t be this hard…”

When I stepped out of the shower and looked in the mirror all I could do was shake my head in disappointment…

I felt as though I was just spinning my wheels telling myself that maybe it was just my genetics

But things continued to get worse…

Injuries began to stack up…

A bulging disc in my back left me feeling like a hot curling iron was stabbing into my hip and going down my leg (if you have back pain you’ve felt this before!)

4 surgeries on my left knee… and even a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder.

I would work diligently to recover but the pain lead to another problem…

Slowly but surely the hours I was able to get sleep faded…

Not only was I doing my SWAT job during the day but I was on call 24/7 as well…

If I wasn’t responding to a SWAT call I was responding to a phone call.

At night, my brain would spin.

I cycled through the grisly images of a disturbing call or planned the next mission… there was no break.

I was waking up almost every two hours either from physical pain or mental turmoil…

The neverending work schedule, night shifts and high stress calls left my body’s systems in an absolute mess.

Hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, low testosterone levels, borderline insulin resistance, high cortisol…you name it.

I was “Wired and Tired” always running on a half charged battery and it showed.

You may know exactly what I’m talking about…

Those times in life that blindside you.

Maybe it’s the pain of a breakup…when you are torn from someone you love without even knowing it was coming.

Or even if you did know it was coming it doesn’t make the pain of the loss any less difficult to endure.

The confusion, the adrenaline, the longing for the comfort of a familiar touch…

The heartache can feel like a hot bullet exploding in your gut.

You check your phone every 5 minutes with the irrational belief you’ll see the words, “I miss you…” but it never comes and eventually you can no longer sleep…

If you’ve been there you know.

What about a health scare?

Images of “what could be wrong” flash through your mind.

In your late 30s and 40s every lump or strange pain is accompanied by an endless barrage of anxious questions and thoughts on rapid fire…

The uneasiness leads to a vicious cycle of adrenaline rushes and rapid heart beats.

You become trapped in a state of constant worry.

You can find yourself in dark place… feeling alone and tired.

Any of these events can affect your ability to just cope… let alone thrive and get healthy…

Navigating the chaos of extreme time demands, transitions through different stages of life or unforeseen circumstances will drain you physically and emotionally…

Yet all you desire a healthy happy life!

So you keep trying…just like I did.

More Diets… Different Exercise Programs…

Doctor’s Appointments, Meditation, Salt Baths, Green Tea, Jasmine Tea, Counting Forward, Counting Backward…

I’ve… tried… it… all!

Either figure out the solution or end up a statistic…

I set out on a mission as though my very life depended on the success of my outcome.

It was during this quest for a solution that I made a discovery that would become the single most important health discovery of my life.

A revelation that changed my spiraling health and completely transformed my broken body

I was at a health and wellness conference in Tampa Florida searching for answers…

At a lunch break I was sitting on a bar stool at a long wooden table across from a fellow named Dan Garner…

I told him what I had been doing for exercise and my diet plan…

He asked me one simple question… “How’s that working for you…”

He said let’s talk after the seminar…

On my way back into the presentation I checked out exactly who Dan Garner was

What I learned is Dan is the secret weapon behind some of the most successful athletes in the world including the UFC, NFL, NHL, MLB and other professional sport leagues…

Not to mention everyday people like you and me.

Now I was pretty excited to have our meeting at the end of the day…

He thoughtfully listened to my story and simply stated…

“You’re doing everything right… but you’re missing the most important factor which is why you are hanging on to fat.”

You see, everyone has genetics, which are the blueprints of your body…

But then there are epigenetics, which are the factors that control HOW your genes are expressed.

These factors, such as diet, exercise and most importantly sleep affect how your genes will be expressed…

Meaning if for example you have the genes for a particular disease, proper sleep could keep it from ever activating in your body.

When you control epigenetic factors, you control virtually everything.

This means if you don’t fix your sleep pattern you will never succeed at losing fat or building muscle… In fact your overall health will get worse.

That’s when Dan explained the importance of sleep…

The impact poor sleep has on your entire body never occurred to me until it was pointed out to me in a very blunt conversation (which I will gladly share because it changed everything).

It was only then that I truly understood just how big the problem really is.

We’re not just talking about a bit of fatigue; poor sleep is the root cause of problems such as

Do any of these ring a bell for you? If it does…not to worry you aren’t alone… This is THE Biggest issue in health and weight loss affecting millions of people just like you.

Every single function in your body relies on sleep.

Think of your sleep as the yardstick with which you can measure the rest of your health. The quality of your sleep is an indicator of the strength and health of your entire body.

The problem isn’t with diet and exercise… How much fat you will lose or lean muscle you build depends on how well you sleep.

You see, every single hormonal mechanism in your body designed to unlock your fat burning potential, reduce inflammation, prevent certain diseases lurking within you and completely rejuvenate your entire body…

Desperately depend on how well you sleep…

Aside from your body being able to burn unwanted fat… the cells you need to maintain healthy bones and lean muscle require the right kind of sleep.

It’s not just a question of the amount of time with your head on the pillow either…

It’s about the quality of your sleep and a specific length of time in the most important sleep state.

The quality of your sleep is defined by how fast you fall asleep, whether or not you stay asleep and if you do wake up, how fast you fall back asleep all within very specific time frames scientifically proven to improve your health.

Proper sleep affects every aspect of your life no matter how old, young or how active you are.

It determines whether or not you will be lean and healthy or suffer a lifetime of chronic pain and ongoing health problems.

Up until a decade or so ago, health researchers and medical practitioners believed that the pineal body, a tiny endocrine gland in the brain, was victim to evolution and served no purpose at all in the human body.

The pineal body is located near the center of the brain. It is linked to the eyes via the hypothalamus.

Your hypothalamus takes care of some of the most important functions in your body such as temperature regulation, thirst, hunger, sleep, mood, sex drive, and the release of other fat loss hormones within the body.

Your pineal body takes care of producing the hormone melatonin (among others) which is your sleep hormone.

Your pineal body must function properly in order to maximize quality and restful sleep.

When it functions well, it has the power to…

Put simply, this organ is at the core of sleep activity in your body. So, when it’s out of balance there are serious consequences which flow throughout your body.

There’s one main activity that acts like Kryptonite for your pineal body.

It is likely the biggest form of pollution being emitted around you from sources you are probably not even aware of…

Even if you actively take steps to avoid exposure to blue light, the number of sources you are exposed to is increasing exponentially.

From household appliances to those little curly energy efficient LED light bulbs you are putting in every socket around your house.

Leptin – Leptin is a hormone released by fat cells as a signal to the brain that you are full. Recent studies in humans have shown that those who are sleep deprived are unable to effectively regulate the release of this hormone, which simulates a state of famine accompanied by a marked increase in appetite. When your body doesn’t release leptin, it is signalling that it must replenish energy needs by eating.

Ghrelin is like the opposite of leptin and it stimulates your appetite… Guess What? Ghrelin levels increase drastically when you’re sleep-deprived. If you’ve experienced even short periods of sleep deprivation chances are you wake up ravenous.

Imagine trying to remain committed to ANY program you’re trying to do when you are absolutely starving all the time…that is a recipe for failure and I know you don’t want that.

Cortisol – when incorrectly elevated it can become your Public Enemy #1 in terms of your health. While you need this hormone to regulate proper sleep cycles, when it is elevated incorrectly, this “fight or flight” hormone will keep your body in a constant state of emergency.

Scientists have known for years that elevated cortisol levels: interfere with learning and memory, lower immune function and bone density, increase weight gain, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease, depression, mental illness and lower life expectancy… I could keep going but you get the picture.

Can’t seem to drop those pounds? It is likely as simple as getting the right kind of sleep allowing your body to reset your fat burning hormones and rejuvenate your cells.

Now if the hormonal problems weren’t enough… this is perhaps the biggest problem of them all…

Poor sleep affects your R.E.R and causes your body to burn lean muscle for energy instead of stored fat!

A recent study uncovered what is perhaps the biggest discovery about why your fat loss diets and muscle building programs aren’t working.

What’s RER? It’s your Respiratory Exchange Rate which is just a fancy way of saying shortened sleep cycles change the oxygen / carbon dioxide exchange rate in your body when you breathe.

Why does that matter? Well this study revealed that short interrupted sleep cycles resulted in the loss of lean muscle tissue instead of fat even when calories were restricted. Both groups in the study lost the same amount of weight BUT the group with a shortened sleep cycle DID NOT LOSE FAT… instead they lost valuable lean muscle while their body’s continued to store the fat they were so desperately trying to eliminate.

So even though you are working your butt off with a diet or exercise plan, it can all go out the window if you don’t have the right amount of sleep.

Just as cigarettes were once considered non-harmful in the 1930s, we are currently living in an age that actually glamorizes sleep deprivation.

The responsibilities of a career and family life can siphon every last available minute of your time.

Yet not getting enough sleep at night can be just as detrimental to your health as smoking causing many of the same health problems.

In fact lack of sleep has been called “the new smoking” as one of the largest health concerns in modern times.

With all of the modern day technology increased demands on your time and Physician’s not really getting to the root of the problem…

Yet now that you are armed with this knowledge it’s not too late.

The power to turn things around is completely within your hands.

Knowing how detrimental poor sleep can be on your health is just the start…

Doctor’s know the magnitude of the problem, yet in my experience, they don’t give you a simple solution to fix it… instead they push prescription pills…

Why? Because the medical industry fat cats make billions on pushing pills instead of giving you a simple fix.

Many folks rely on people with no history or training in sleep hygiene…

They would have you believe that meditation alone will fix the problem (most people can’t last 30 seconds let alone 10 minutes)

Perhaps a magical elixir created out from some rare root located high atop a secluded mountain?

There are truckloads of half baked harebrained concoctions that never address the problem.

What’s worse is that misdirected supplementation could actually make things worse…

It shouldn’t be any big surprise to you that trying to reset and rebalance your sleep cycle requires more than just some random pill popping…

In fact that can be downright dangerous.

If you have ever tried to find a continuous deep restful sleep you’ve probably found yourself trying one or all of these kinds of approaches only to be frustrated by the inconsistent results that don’t last…

Not to mention that lacking proper sleep continuity will derail all of your fat loss or muscle building efforts.

The truth is YOU CAN achieve deep, relaxing, restful sleep on your own. The kind of sleep that will ignite your fat burning and muscle building potential…

And eliminates the pain of feeling hungry and the horrible fog of fatigue.

Your systems must be sequentially switched on or off to correctly initiate your deep relaxing and rejuvenating sleep cycle…

Some of the Systems Include:

Turn Sleep Switch #1 to OFF – Sympathetic Nervous System

Your SNS is the system in your body that functions to regulate automatic activities in your body which fall under the category “Fight or Flight”. When your SNS is dominant your body will be in a state of high alert and stress. This will cause all kinds of problems such as high blood pressure, stress on your adrenals not to mention reduced absorption of nutrients in your body during digestion.Failing to shut down this system properly will rob your body of the fat loss and muscle building benefits that occur during restful sleep

Turn Sleep Switch #2 ON – Parasympathetic Nervous System

This is the system in your body that functions to regulate automatic activities in your body which fall under the category of “Rest and Digest”. Your heart rate remains at a normal rate and your blood pressure remains low and there is very good blood flow through your digestive system which allows for maximum nutrient absorption. Proper activation of your PNS leads to the good respiratory exchange ratio which means fat will be burned off instead of muscle during your waking hours.

Turn Sleep Switch #3 ON – TLR2 Proteins in your “Gut”

By now you probably know that the bacteria which live in your gut called gut flora are considered your second brain.

Although this second brain isn’t associated directly with the way you think, it does contribute significantly to your sleep, mood, appetite and your ability to prevent certain dangerous diseases from activating in your body.

If you have the wrong gut microbes it leads a to disordered transportation of serotonin in your body. This means chaos!

Low serotonin levels have been linked to many disorders, including mood disorders, sleep disorders and obesity.

Ensuring these TLR2 proteins are activated by having a healthy gut will allow proper levels of serotonin to circulate. This is an important neurotransmitter for regulating your sleep.

You Must SET Your Circadian Clock

Also known as your “body clock” or “biological clock” this mechanism is responsible for regulating your circadian rhythms.

If you don’t activate this clock properly your body will inconsistently deliver the hormones you need for rest at the wrong time…or worse it will wake you up when you should be sleeping. When you activate your clock properly you can say goodbye to your alarm clock.

You must UNLOCK your GABA receptors

GABA is the main inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. Put simply… they have a calming effect on the brain and the body.

However the power of these transmitters to stop your brain from spinning and verging on anxiety lies in your ability to ensure your receptors are activated. In particular GABA (A) receptors but there is new science emerging about GABA(C) receptors that work even faster. To unlock your GABA receptors you can increase your intake of specific foods such as almonds, halibut, spinach and other foods.

Friendly notice… Don’t be intimidated by all the “braniac” words outlined in the info above. All of the amazing things sleep does for your body is very complex.

But getting to sleep and staying asleep doesn’t have to be…

Now that you know a powerful sequence exists… the real question is how to put it all together. After all, in order to properly “boot up” in the morning you must first shut down properly.

One of the best quotes about sleep was by F. Scott Fitzgerald (Author of The Great Gatsby), who said “The worst thing in the world is to try to sleep and not to.”

And that’s not what I want for you.

Life can take its toll… work and family pressures can wreak havoc on the most important component for rejuvenating every single cell in your body.

You need sleep to get the lean healthy body you desire and deserve.

My own experience left me feeling like I was destined to remain one of the millions upon millions of sleepless people all over the world.

And because consistent sleep can be so elusive, many people stop trying. They give up and suffer the frustrations of failure and the pain of regret.

Never knowing that it isn’t their diet plan or workouts that aren’t working… it’s all because of bad sleep.

After being introduced to Dan I tried his methods for myself immediately that night…

I felt like a choir of angels was singing when I woke up completely refreshed and rejuvenated…in a hotel of all places where I can NEVER sleep…

I told him I would do whatever it takes to get him to bring this to the world… but only after I tried his Sequential Shutdown Method with my wife.

You see, my wife suffers chronic back pain from a car accident. She is the classic “quick sleeper” who falls asleep very fast but awakens shortly after and then every couple of hours because of the pain in her back.

When I arrived back home I told her about what I had been doing and that I had experienced some of the deepest most invigorating sleeps since being a teenager.

Being a cop like me she was skeptical but I convinced her to give it a shot.

That night she slept so deeply and soundly it scared me… usually she is up and down 4 or 5 times…getting ibuprofen and a heating pad for the pain…

She didn’t move all night.

When she woke up the next morning she felt better then she had in years…so she stuck with the program and to this day… she is a different person.

Now at 46 she feels more alive and mentally alert than ever.

That’s not even the most remarkable or exciting part of her experience.

You see, she was also trying to lose some belly fat following a diet plan… once she added the simple ritual to fix her sleep cycle, the pounds started peeling off.

Dan is a world renowned Sleep Architect and has compiled his Sequential Shutdown Method using his proven fast and effective Sleep Rituals inside the Eat Sleep Burn Manual which focus on switching off the “Bad” systems and activating the “Good” Systems for Optimal Sleep and a return to total health.

We weren’t the only ones following Dan’s Sequential Shutdown Method…

It is the “secret sauce” behind his training methods that have unlocked the high performance potential in his elite clients who have gone on to win UFC titles and NFL Super Bowls and athletes who have gone on to play in the NHL and MLB professional sport leagues.

Dan is the “go to” guy for elite athletes, hollywood actors and regular folks like you and me who simply want to get the most out of life and achieve optimal health.

He speaks at seminars around the world giving hundreds of live presentations to thousands of athletes and coaches.

I’ve personally experienced the power of Dan’s methods and watched it change my wife’s life…

That’s why I asked Dan to put this all together in a very special program so you can personally experience the power deep relaxing sleep has to transform your body

This Simple Step By Step Program Can Be Implemented In Just Minutes

The Eat Sleep Burn Manual is essentially your “Sleep Bible”. Inside you will find Precision Pinpointed Strategies Focused Directly On Any Sleep Issue You Might Encounter… These include

Once you learn the sequence required to correctly shutdown your system for sleep you will immediately begin to reverse your damaged sleep cycle…

The most important benefit of your perfect sleep cycle is activating every cell in your body for fat burning, fighting some of the most dangerous diseases and lean muscle building processes.

You will not find a more straightforward simple fix that you can implement immediately and use every single day to enhance your ability to finally get the results you desire and deserve.

Now, the Eat Sleep Burn manual is all you need to turn every aspect of your health around… You can use it alone or alongside any other program you either are already doing or choose to do in the future.

But just so you know we’ve got you covered if you purchase Eat Sleep Burn today Dan has a very special offer

Don’t be surprised if tonight you have the most amazingly restful sleep you have ever experienced.

By following Dan’s system you will be able to help your body function the way it was meant to function and begin to restore your health, heal your body and undo the destruction that is caused by poor sleep.

Our goal was to keep this simple and straightforward so you can enjoy rapid results, however this might not be for you if your health is already optimal and you are functioning at your peak.

If that’s not the case, we are certain you won’t find a system that is easier to implement but is so incredibly powerful and critically important to both your immediate and long term health.

Having said that…We both felt we should offer you something that you can do while you are awake that will maximize your results

Now that you have primed your body to burn ugly belly fat AND build beautiful lean muscle… we decided to include a rapid 28 Day Metabolic Burn training program so you can see results even faster without ever leaving your house.

You see… most folks still get it wrong… If they are even exercising at all. They still spend what little time they do have spinning their wheels on a treadmill or elliptical trainer.

That kind of training has been proven by science over and over again to cause your body to hang on to dangerous belly fat.

Excessive cardio exercise will elevate your stress hormone cortisol AND increase your hunger… which contribute to inflammation, disease and hormonal imbalances.

These are the exact things we are working so hard to eliminate.

Which is why the 28 Day Metabolic Body Burn is the perfect system to accompany Eat Sleep Burn…

In Just 21 Minutes or Less You can achieve more weight loss faster than people who spend twice as long doing excessive cardio training.

This Bodyweight System uses simple movements designed to significantly elevate your the systems in your body to burn fat and build muscle while suppressing the hormone Ghrelin which you already learned triggers hunger.

But that’s not all… this program actually increases your hormones such as peptide YY and glucagon-like-peptide 1. These hormones increase your satiety which is fancy way of saying they make you feel full.

All of these incredible benefits are packed into this straightforward easy to follow plan you can do in 21 minutes or less right in the comfort of your own home.

We will also throw in a series of “how to” videos you can use to make sure any question you might have about how to do the training is answered

Not only do you want to turn your body into a machine while you sleep…what about when you are awake?

Contrary to what many people will tell you about diet and exercise… The magic happens during rest..and I don’t just mean sleep.

Listen, if you don’t give your body the proper time to adapt to all of the stimulus you are giving it through exercise and dieting… YOU WILL BURN OUT… it’s not if but when.

You can think of exercise and dieting like digging a big hole in the ground.

Every time you exercise, play a sport, do an intense hobby, have a bad sleep, feel stressed, or go off your diet; you’re digging a hole.

How big that hole is depends on you and what you were doing.

If you strength trained, did conditioning, went on a hike with your friends, and went off the meal plan yesterday, odds are you dug a pretty deep hole…

Which means you will start your next session in the hole so to speak.

To keep from sinking into the pit of defeat, (you know the one… because when you are in it, everything seems so hard and all you want to do is quit.)…

You must recover the correct way so the hole not only fills back up, but it gives you something extra so you can get out on top where you visibly see the changes happening and can feel the sensation of pride and the deep satisfaction of accomplishment that engulfs you when you have made some gains!

Listen, I’ll be the first one to admit, when I made even the smallest gains, I lingered in the mirror a little longer just to be sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me…

When someone would say.. You’re looking leaner… I felt like all my work was paying off.

Never be afraid to own your accomplishments and feel good about yourself.

What you do for your exercise or in your kitchen is only the stimulus… your daytime recovery strategy is an important pillar that transforms all your effort and hard work into jaw dropping results.

This is why in the Revitalization and Recovery Manual – Dan gives you the exact same strategies he uses for professional athletes from all over the world.

It works for people who virtually destroy their bodies in full contact sports… it will work for you too!

Inside the Manual You Will Discover:

Take Dan’s client Julie for example… She stopped seeing results from the plan she was following and consulted with Dan.

He simply provided her with these same strategies for recovery, told her to try them… with NO exercise and NO diet restrictions and she still lost 4 lbs by doing nothing else other than she simply followed his daytime recovery tips.

The Rejuvenation and Recovery Manual will give you everything you need to know in order to switch on your natural immune system and allow your body to rapidly heal for both short term and over the long term.

This is your complete guide to brain and body relaxation which will leave you feeling youthful and refreshed both physically and mentally.

Do your normal routine throughout your day. Then after dinner open up the Eat Sleep Burn Manual and turn to Chapter 5 in your manual.

This is where you will discover the steps to follow to ensure you activate your fat burning and muscle building potential by tonight.

Those are the things you will actually see but some of the most powerful changes are on the inside.

You’ll know by tomorrow morning how quickly Eat Sleep Burn works because you will wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated.

And there’s a few simple things you will notice and that you can do you the very next morning when your eyes open and you feel more rested than you have felt in years.

Put your hand on your stomach and ask yourself if you feel lighter and if your stomach feels clear from the inside. (that’s what happens when you sleep well…your digestive system functions properly). You can even test it by stepping on the scale and verify it for yourself.

Notice your mood will feel brighter than it ever has compared to the nights when you have broken sleep. This is something that you will now enjoy every single day you follow Eat Sleep Burn.

Notice that you are mentally sharper. Things such as word recall, problem solving and critical thinking will all be significantly enhanced. The world of nootropics for mental sharpness leaves a lot of scary and unanswered health questions… why risk taking a handful of drugs some silicon valley millennial has “designed” in a lab to stay awake for 7 days straight which only puts you at risk.

Enjoy all the benefits of a sharp, productive and powerful mind.

In fact after sleeping soundly, I began to function in the daytime with such clarity that I was able to turn what started as a hobby into a 7 figure annual business because my brain had more power than ever

You feel is as though the things you are able to accomplish are limitless. You will have energy in reserve and a resilience you haven’t experienced since your youth.

When you start using Eat Sleep Burn tonight… you will begin to reset your hormonal balance and those awful hunger cravings begin to disappear for good.

Remember, you are turning off your hunger hormones that cause the vicious morning cravings.

By the end of the first week you will feel the changes in your body.

The skin under your eyes begins to become more hydrated and the wrinkles are replaced smooth looking youthful skin.

When you are trying to build muscle ask yourself if you notice a change through your chest and arms.

That’s because your body now functions to either burn fat or build muscle… or both!

Friendly warning! People around you will ask you what you have been doing.

Your clothes will no longer fit the same and in fact it’s likely you will have to go out and get ones that will fit you properly.

For women, a dress that reveals your slimmer shape or maybe you slip back into your favorite jeans with the confidence of knowing they look amazing.

For guys, a new shirt that reveals the taper in your waist and highlights a broader upper body.

Do you notice your youthful appearance as the wrinkles on your face caused by poor sleep begin to fade?

Can you feel a boost of sprightly energy and a revitalization in your spirit that others cannot help but become attracted to?

So don’t be surprised if people begin to pay attention to you in a positive way because your healthy energy cannot be contained.

When things like this begin to happen around you and to you, you will know the power of Eat Sleep Burn is working for you as it has for thousands of other people around the world.

Something so simple yet has the power to impact and transform every aspect of your life in a positive way.

Using Dan’s program has been an absolute pleasure! Dozens of my health biomarkers have all improved. My strength has improved and my endurance has gotten better.

I stuck to Dan’s system and it has really paid off. I am down from a size 18 to a size 5 and the best part of all is that I LOST 76 lbs in the process! Thanks again Dan, you have changed my life.

I am 54 years old and don’t really lift any weights. Dan’s program worked for my busy life.

The first thing I noticed was the increase in my energy, no more dragging my butt home from work. Sore back gone, sore knees gone. Just under one year later I am proud to say with Dan’s help I am down over 40lbs, I have increased my lean muscle mass, I have improved my strength, and I feel great!

This process has helped me understand how good it feels to take care of myself. Thank you Dan for all of your help and encouragement, this process has been life changing.”

As I moved into retirement I quickly began to add unwanted pounds and it was causing me issues with my joints and my energy levels began to drop. I wasn’t able to enjoy my grandchildren. After starting Dan’s program, getting the proper rest and following his advice I began to notice my weight started reducing. I was able to begin walking and exercising and even more weight began to disappear.

Before I knew it I had lost 25 pounds of belly fat. I have more energy and enjoy restful sleep. Most importantly I feel like my health has improved and my doctor says I have the heart health of a young man again.

This was a SERIOUS transformation. If you look closely you can see a scar under my belly button and another one off to the side. I had just had my appendix removed and was inactive, not motivated to eat right and had been in sedentary recovery mode after surgery. This was in April, so in just 3 months post-surgery following Dan’s program I managed to absolutely kill it and completely transform my body, building an incredible amount of lean mass and get into the single digit body fat percentages.
Thanks Dan you’re a beast.

“My name is Tanya Rutkowski, I have always been a very active person, I did gymnastics and played different sports, I have also been weight training for over 10 years. Through the years I have seen some small changes with my strength, but not the changes I really wanted to see. Not to long ago my boyfriend introduced me to Dan Garner.

Once I decided to do Dan’s program, I have seen amazing results in just a short period of time, 8 weeks. I’m very excited and hoping to improve even more in the coming months. If you are really looking to make a change for yourself and have the drive to achieve your goals, then Dan is the man. Thank you Dan for all your help”

This is what happens when you stay fired up and follow Dan’s plan! Wooo.. My before weight was 150 lbs at 28 % bodyfat… after following the program my after weight is 120 lbs at 13 % bodyfat. I’m very happy I decided to do the program… Thanks Dan!

One of the the most important things Dan will tell you is “I’ve Got Your Back… “

And that’s exactly what he does in this program. There’s simply no risk to you.

In Fact you really don’t even have to decide today.

Dan completely understands that you want some time to prove it to yourself. So that when you start to see the results you will know that it works.

Dan Has Your Back and he will let you try Eat Sleep Burn today – and implement it over the next 60 days – so you feel certain the choice you made is the right one.

The reason Dan is willing to give you such a crazy guarantee is because he is a man of his word and he is confident that once you try it for a full 60 days you will see and feel the power that this program contains.

Eat Sleep Burn is cutting edge material that will transform your lifestyle and free you from the destructive forces that can plague your life such as excess fat and other health related issues, all through the power of proper sleep… These worries and concerns will be put to rest.

That is precisely what Dan wants for you and why if you don’t start sleeping better, performing better and seeing results that you expect then Dan expects you ask for a refund.

Dan is committed to transforming lives and if you are willing to give Eat Sleep Burn an honest try he is certain you will be delighted by the results and you will find your life has improved, that you are sleeping better, building more lean muscle and/or burning unwanted fat…

If for some rare reason that’s not the case, then you will happily be given a no hassles, 100% money back guarantee.

Listen the last thing Dan wants is for you to have any regrets or misgivings about the program… it has already changed so many lives and it will change yours too and that’s why he has agreed to the 100% Got Your Back Guarantee!

The benefits of a night of deep restful sleep have been clearly outlined here in this article today.

Yet what is so astonishing is the number of people ignoring the most critical aspect of their health.

So many men and women working so hard at their exercise and diet routines frustrated from not seeing results…

Or the day to day grind that robs you of meaningful rest and eats away at your health…

Your success is always determined by how well you sleep!

When you think about the dangers of another day going through the same old routine and not seeing results, coupled with the clear risks to your health if you don’t take action it doesn’t seem to make sense.

There are literally thousands of people whose lives have been transformed from painful disappointment and repeated failure to extraordinary success story.

“So I have been working out now for 7 years. I have seen some great results over the years. I came to a point in my life where I really wanted to focus on my overall health and still maintain body composition. I decided to use Dan’s program, and it has been a fantastic experience, not only do I feel better, I’m also sleeping better, have more energy then ever before, with great focus all while improving my overall strength and conditioning.

Dan has been a great support from day 1, anytime I ever had a question he is always there to answer anything I need. Thank you so . Can’t wait to see what the future holds.

If you really want to improve your overall quality of life, I highly recommend to Dan’s program. I feel sexy on the outside and healthy on the inside 🙂 “

Thanks to your expertise my body has returned back to the game… healed my gut and more than that I have learnt a lot of the science behind what is happening to my body. I love your constant care. We continue to improve this year… Love and respect!

The methods that Dan has used has had me performing better than ever both in the gym and in my day to day life. I’ve never felt so healthy, both physically and mentally. Dan’s approach of feeding the body and mind is something that I’ve neglected over my career and the results that I’ve achieved since following Dan’s programs speaks volumes of its importance.

On April 1st, I fought for a kickboxing world title. This was my first fight working with Dan and the smoothest weight cut I’ve ever experienced. The system that Dan created based on my body’s physiology and previous cutting history, I felt that my health, performance, and mental stability was never compromised once. On weigh in day I felt like I had almost as much energy as I have previously on fight day!

Dan’s program helped me get the most out of my exercise plan. I was active but never seemed to get the really exceptional results I was hoping for. Once I implemented his program my body began to transform. His information is very thorough and easy to follow. It was the piece I was missing for the results I wanted.

I was stagnating in my training and wasn’t achieving the precision I felt I should from the effort I was giving. I implemented the strategies in Dan’s program and it absolutely transformed everything I was doing into incredibly satisfying results. Every aspect of my life improved and you can see the results. I’m pretty happy I decided to follow Dan’s program and it gave me the dramatic results I had hoped for.

“When prepping for my first show I decided to use Dan’s program. It not only helped me lose 5% body fat in the first 7 weeks, but my strength levels all but stayed the same. If this wasn’t the case, they increased!! This is definitely a no-nonsense formula coming from a guy who is very well-versed in his field of study.”

Every aspect of Dan’s program is methodical and rationalized. In a period of just 5-weeks my assessments went from

Weight: 87.1kg to 87.6kg Body fat percentage: 8% to 7.2% Lean body mass: 80.2kg to 81.3kg

Consider I have been training all my life, these were quick and drastic changes. As a fitness professional I was investing in both results and education. My results were fantastic and everything was rationalized in detail.”

“Hi, I’m Lucas Ferraz Personal trainer and business owner in Australia. I had few trainers quite good before, but I was not truly happy with them.

I came across Dan Garner through a podcast, he sounded like a nice guy, very smart and knowledgeable in the subject he was talking about. At times smart and knowledgeable people can be arrogant. Dan Garner is quite the opposite.

I decided to give Dan’s program a try. From there I knew I had made the right choice.
The results showed up quickly. I recommend you try it. Dan is legitimate and someone you can trust. Follow his recommendations as close as possible and I assure you will get your results. He will be there for you and help you all the way through without hesitation.

Dan Garner is great and one of one the best. Thank you for your help Dan.”

“I decided to do Dan’s program because I knew he’d be able to offer the best health related information I could get during my pregnancy, while the hundreds of questions rang through my head.
I already mentioned I feel physically great and pain-free, but I’d like to add that mentally I feel strong and proud that I’m staying healthy and fit to benefit me and especially my growing baby—and this feeling cannot be beat.”

“I was preparing for a photo shoot in 3-Months time from now, I guess you could say we are on track for this one! I needed to be actually growing and gaining muscle mass leading up to the shoot but staying lean so I used Dan’s program to keep me growing and recovering properly leading up the shoot. Thanks for the help!

So the question for you as you read this today is this…

Just so they can sit and absorb his knowledge and strategies and apply them in their own lives later that night.

Dan’s information is that powerful.

And remember, Dan has NEVER done this before. He has only ever taken personal coaching clients and conducted live seminars.

I literally had to convince him that there are millions people around the world suffering every single night who NEED this information.

I explained to him that it is his duty as a human being to make this information available to as many people as possible so everyone who wants to experience a life of better health, enhanced cognitive function and a positive sense of well being can get started immediately.

It didn’t take much to convince him, because Dan is a committed professional with a goal to help people live their best life possible. He came back to me and said it would take a couple months of work to put together.

Dan said he could make it all of his best material available to the public for over 50% off what he charges for his live seminar.

I asked Dan to dig deeper, go farther and see the possibility of changing just one life the moment he makes Eat Sleep Burn available to the public and how amazing it would be to know a person’s life, which is the most precious gift of all, is being transformed.

You know what he said? “Todd… you’re right! The more people I can help the more fulfilled I will be on my mission to transform lives.”

The people who attend these events don’t receive the Eat Sleep Burn manual, the Bodyweight Metabolic Burn workouts or the Recovery Bible… in fact they only get to hear him talk while they make notes.

I’ve convinced Dan to give you access to everything. The Eat Sleep Burn manual, The Bodyweight Metabolic Burn workouts, The Recovery Bible and the instructional videos for a mere fraction of what thousands of people are already paying.

That’s far less than you would pay to consult a sleep specialist or even a 1 on 1 consult with Dan for his expertise that he shares with you in the Eat Sleep Burn program plus you are receiving all of the bonus manuals.

There are literally endless numbers of solutions available today that only address a fraction of the problem.

Science has proven that the #1 Predictor of weight loss isn’t your diet or exercise plan. It is your sleep.

What would it mean to you to have:

I’ve done all I can. I’ve shown you the power of sleep and the fact it plays the most important role in your body. I’ve talked Dan into all but giving away every last ounce of his best information plus I made him include 2 incredible bonus manuals that even his live clients don’t get. On top of that… I made him take all the risk with his guarantee. The decision to buy the program has been made as easy as it possibly can be.

Now the decision is yours.

Take a moment and ask yourself an honest question… are you prepared to keep going the way you are today… OR could you be doing something more to ensure you doing everything possible within your power to lead the best life possible and give your body everything it needs for you to succeed.

You could wait… but what if one more night of bad sleep is the final straw for your cells and they begin to work against you. You already know the damaging effects poor sleep has on your body, and if it continues… when does it become too much?

Listen, maybe you have endured the pain of regret and frustration of defeat from programs that won’t work… that’s not what I want for you and you know you deserve better.

If you are exhausted from the demands that everyday life continues to pile on you… your salvation awaits.

I want you to have the same relief and satisfaction I felt after just the first time I had the most restful sleep I had enjoyed in years. You deserve it.

Imagine… by tonight you can enjoy all the benefits of a deep sleep by tonight.

Make a choice for you right now. Take the steps to ensure you will get the most out of each and every day, living a life free of chronic pain, a life of peak performance… one full of all the benefits life has to offer. Choose the Add To Cart below and be ready. Simply complete the card details on the secure form on the next page and click submit.

Once you complete your details you will automatically be sent access to the same manuals that have changed thousands of lives.

This is the moment you take control. Your health. Your Happiness. Your Life. Take it Now!

P.S. – Remember you’ve got Dan’s “Got Your Back Guarantee” Which is a 100% no-questions-asked guarantee on Eat Sleep Burn so that you can try it yourself for 60 days. If you decide it’s not for you just let us know via email. We’ll make sure you get a 100% refund the very same day and we go our separate ways as friends…

P.P.S. – If you are ready to see results. If you are ready to optimize every aspect of your health and bust through the limitations holding you back. If you are ready to achieve the body you desire and deserve then you are ready to put Eat Sleep Burn to the test. It takes just a few minutes and by tonight you will unlock the power contained in your body and completely transform.

This is a common question and it doesn’t matter if you’re 25 through to 95… sleep is the number one most important factor for staying healthy at any age.

It works equally well for both men and women as the need to sleep doesn’t discriminate. The transformations that occur during sleep are on a molecular level which occur in both men and women in the same way. Sleep works to balance the hormones working in both sexes.

Women going through menopause are often suffering hormonal imbalance, which leads to insomnia which in turn affects their ability to burn unwanted belly fat. Eat Sleep Burn is designed to balance your hormones even through transitional life stages such as menopause. Once you are able to sleep properly your body will work to quickly balance your hormones naturally.

If you feel like you are sleeping fine and not getting results from your programs, chances are you are not sleeping fine. You are either not falling asleep fast enough, not staying asleep long enough or falling back asleep quick enough.

Perfect! Be prepared to see better results from any diet or exercise program you are doing when you improve your sleep. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to lose belly fat or build muscle, Eat Sleep Burn is designed to work alongside ANY program you choose and WILL make it MORE effective.

No problem. Sleep is the number one factor for health even if you aren’t exercising or dieting. Chances are you will notice significant changes in your mood, appetite, body composition and energy levels once you begin to follow Eat Sleep Burn. You literally have nothing to lose and only positive results to experience.

Don’t be fooled by the extremely low price that is a fraction of what it costs to work with Dan. The value you are getting is every bit as good as seeing Dan speak in person. He simply wanted to find a way to get it out to as many people as possible.

We cannot guarantee weight loss. Due to recent statements from the FTC, it is required that we identify what a “typical” result is. The surprising truth is most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, their typical results are zero. Your ability to follow through determines your results. There is no such thing as a Magic Pill that solves everything. Your effort is the most important factor for you.

Only if you want to sleep in a gym 😉 – The real answer is no you don’t as the 28 day Metabolic Burn is designed to be done at home in a small space and Eat Sleep Burn is a simple ritual you follow based on what sleep issue you may be facing.

Zero..none..nada. On this page it is a one time investment in yourself. You order the material and get immediate access for the single price shown.

Thanks to the power of the internet, once you complete your order you will be given immediate access to your materials so you can get started right away.

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